Thanks for checking out The Well-Loved Wardrobe! I'm Cathy, a copywriter and digital marketer from Galway, Ireland, now living in Vancouver, BC. In the last few years I’ve begun to appreciate how personal style takes its form differently for everyone; even those who don’t consider themselves ‘fashionable’ make unique style choices that affect their lives in some small measure every day. The idea of the The Well-Loved Wardrobe is to document a quick snapshot of that! Head over to our interviews page to read our beautiful collection of Q&As to date.

I'm Gavin, a photographer and videographer from Galway currently based in Vancouver, BC. I enjoy seeing new places, going on trips, hanging out in bars and hanging out places that aren't bars. I like fine dining and fast food but not in that order and I'm currently aiming to eat pizza on a daily basis. I love being involved in The Well-Loved Wardrobe as I feel it captures real people and honest style. We all have reasons why we wear what we wear, and I love hearing about it. It's also great to collaborate with Cathy on what she's created, working with people who interest and inspire you is never a bad thing!


This a cooperative project which we hope will be candid and sincere, and that everyone can get involved with. If you (or a friend) are interested in appearing on the site or you have any other comments or suggestions, explore the icons on the top right to get in touch on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, email us at cathy@thewelllovedwardrobe.com - we would be delighted to hear from you!

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