Claire / by Cathy Carey

1. Name/Age/Occupation?

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
The coat I am wearing is one of my favourite items I own, I bought it in a charity shop on Camden St for €20 at the start of December and it has kept me warm through winter. I had been on the search for an ankle length coat for quite some time and still had not found the right one. I always hear people brag of their great buys in charity shops and was always filled with such jealously and felt like an utter mug for spending over €100 in a high street store on a coat. But now I feel like I've cheated the system!


3. What influences the way you dress?
I don't think I could ever pinpoint exactly what influences how I dress, there are so many factors. I look for inspiration in many different places from magazines to store windows to people I walk by on the street. But ultimately my mood, the weather and how confident I am feeling will come in to the deciding factor. 

4. Tell me about the weirdest item of clothing you own.
I think I might have a few weird items of clothing but as I bought them I don't think they're that weird so it's hard to pick one! My way to gauge how weird my outfit or an item of clothing I own is my Dad, Brother or Uncle's reaction and how much they slag me! So far I think my black leather culottes have gotten the most reaction, from a genuine "What the hell are those?!" to a "You look like you're wearing waders for fishing!"

5. Last question... pale or bronzed?
Pale or Bronzed? This is actually such a loaded question for me! I long for golden skin and spend most of the summer cursing my pale, almost transparent Irish skin and then have to reconcile the fact that I will never be tanned. But when I see a pale celeb rocking that porcelain look, I beam with pride. So ultimately, I will always say pale. 

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