Conor / by Cathy Carey

1. Name/Age/Occupation? 
Conor Connolly, 27, Business Development Manager.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
I picked up my scarf in a boutique shop in Como, Italy. I wandered in to the shop while we were floating around the town. Everything was ridiculously stylish. I decided I had to buy something, simply so I could pretend I normally shopped there. The scarf caught my eye and I've gotten great wear out of it ever since then.

3. What influences the way you dress? 
I don't spend a huge amount of time researching clothes but I always know what I like as soon as I see it. When I see something I like I think: 1. Would G.Cloon wear this or 2. Would an Italian man wear this? Italian's know their style 😁If the answer to either is yes, the Visa card comes out...

4. Tell me about the most expensive item of clothing you've ever bought. 
Excluding the suit I bought a couple of months ago, the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever purchased is a pair of Magnanni shoes. Very comfortable, pointed toes, black and they look cool. Expensive, but worth it!

5. Last question... Bags or pockets? 
Depends on what I'm doing... I constantly fill my pockets with crap but I tend to bring a bag if I'm wandering around!

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