David / by Cathy Carey

1. Name/Age/Occupation?
My name is David Deady, I’ve been 19 for the last seven years and I work as a copywriter in Dublin City.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
Well, my Cambridge satchel is probably one of my most beloved pieces. I got it as a present when I graduated from my MA in 2012 and it’s seen me through many adventures already. It’s not the most capacious bag, but it’s just utterly beautiful so I don’t care.

3. What influences the way you dress?
Visual culture for sure. Anything from films and TV shows to music videos even; if I see an outfit I like, I’ll try to emulate it in some way. Any “style” that I’ve had over the years can most definitely be traced back to a particular character I was intrigued by.

4. Tell me about the loudest item of clothing you've ever bought.
I went through a phase of wearing bow-ties with polo-shirts a few years ago and some of them were pretty loud but in terms of a single item of clothing, I’d say it was these awful chinos I owned. They were this uncanny shade of pond-scum green and I’ve never been so self-conscious wearing anything before. Kermit was right; it’s not easy being green…

5. Last question... Facial hair or freshly shaven?
Facial hair. I’m in the processes of growing my beard out again actually. It hides a multitude of sins and can even give the illusion of a jawline. Ideal.

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