Dee / by Cathy Carey

1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Name: Dee. Age: 22. Occupation: Drama student.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
I'm obsessed with Cher Horowitz, so I've bought 4 of these thigh-high tights already.

Dee half

3. What influences the way you dress?
I'm really into costume design, so I'm super influenced by film and TV, in particular anything from the 90s. If I can be mistaken for someone from The Craft, Clueless, or even the Spice Girls, it's a good day for me.

4. Tell me about the most dramatic item of clothing you own.
Honestly, I think that most of my wardrobe is fighting for that title. It could be my full tulle tea-length skirt, my multi-coloured tartan coat with shoulder pads, or my sparkly holographic Adidas runners.

5. Last question... loose or form-fitting?
I think you need a good balance of both. I love the effect that full skirts with cropped tops create. I'm a sucker for an Audrey Hepburn silhouette.

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