Desmond / by Cathy Carey

Desmond portrait

1. Name/age/occupation?
Desmond Everest Fuller, 27, Community College Tutor, Client Services at non profit organization Community Warehouse.  

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
I was really excited to get this news-boy cap. It's linen and medium cut. I bought it from small artisan hat makers here in Oregon called The Hat People. I had bought a corduroy version of the same cap when I was 18 from the same hat makers. That hat came with me on many adventures over the years and over three continents. There were so many moments when I thought I had seen the last of it. I found myself at the end of many a circuitous evening believing I'd dropped it somewhere along the way, neglecting it on a bus station bench or left behind at a cafe/bar. But, it always had a habit of turning up – right where I'd left it. After moving back to Portland I finally lost it at a beach party. When I went back to replace it, they didn't have it in corduroy but this linen version stood out to me and I think is actually more fitting with my current fashion sense. It was kind of a nice mile marker, looking back over past decade, reflecting on the most dynamic period of my life, and recognizing even the subtle changes.  

Desmond full

3. What influences the way you dress?
If I'm being honest – Cost. There are a lot of clothes I would love to get but I'm too cheap to spring for it. The shirt I'm wearing is second hand from Goodwill, the shoes were free and those pants must be four years old. On the other hand I try to dress for the weather. The Northwest is similar to Ireland but with more of a summer, and in winter a chance of snow depending where you're at. I try to have a few comfortable choices that are warm. I think I have used music icons that I've admired over the years as role models for how to dress, sometimes for worse, but I notice even today that I gravitate towards the styles sported by the artists I'm currently excited about. As my tastes in music have matured over the years, as has what I like to wear.  

Desmond combo

4. You've lived in Spain and Chile, and traveled plenty throughout the USA and Europe. How has time spent away impacted on the way you feel about your personal style and clothing choices?
Growing up in a small town on the west coast [of the USA], fashion was always a little lax. In Chile, Spain and various countries of Europe, I noticed that people generally dress well, or had a higher standard of fashion when they were going out. While I still only rarely buy clothes, I take more care in choosing what I buy and wear, trying to find things that I'd feel good about wearing out instead of just wearing what's free and lying around.  

Desmond shoes

5. Last question... familiar or exotic?
That's hard, but ultimately I'd say I lean more towards familiar. I've traveled and I'm always excited to explore and try new things, but I notice travel comes with homesickness, and a tendency savor the little things that are familiar. In art as well, the music and writing that rings true to me mines essential themes that ground me in a way of making sense of the world from a certain emotional view point. I suppose that's one way to define home or recognize it in the familiar or exotic. Regarding fashion, put me in jeans, a flannel shirt and a white t shirt and I'm happy. I say that with a bit of tongue and cheek, acknowledging that every guy in the Northwest from mid century lumberjacks to Kurt Cobain to the barista who makes my coffee wears basically that. It's what my dad wore, so I guess it doesn't get more familiar than that.  

We can't express enough gratitude for Desmond's hospitality while we visited Portland last month! He was a great host AND he took the time to do an interview with us. See a video he and Gavin (our excellent photographer) made the last time he was in Dublin here and check out his band's Facebook here! Until next time.