Fenja / by Cathy Carey

1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Fenja, 23, student of medical Biology.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
 I bought this coat when I was still in high school when we went on a weekend trip to Berlin. Thiswinter I got it out again and I still love it. It makes you feel well dressed (almost) no matter what else you're wearing. 

3. What influences the way you dress?
Even though I don't like to admit it, the person that has influenced me the most in the way I dress is my mom. I guess the people that you grow up with have a very strong influence on your taste. And still when I go shopping with my her we often like similar things. Though I am proud to say that this is not always the case! :D

4. Tell me about the most interesting item of clothing you own.
I have this very colourful scarf that I bought once on a market in Turkey a couple of years ago. Still I wear it a lot. I get asked a lot where I have it from and then I am happy to tell them that I bought it in Turkey instead of having to say the name of a shop. 

5. Last question... Modern or antique?
I think I like most the combination of the both. Both can look very nice, but if you only have antique things it makes everything look very old and if you only have for example new, modern furniture it appears very sterile. So I think the combination of the two is the best. 

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