Guillermo / by Cathy Carey

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This week Guillermo has done his interview in Spanish, so all translation is provided by me (Cathy)! The original version is there for any hispanohablantes who would like a read, or for better speakers than me to take what they will from anything I've missed. Feel free to correct in the comments :P As always, thanks to Gavin for the beautiful photos, and to Guillermo for letting us put him on the other side of the lens. You can check out his photography on Instagram here.
Hasta pronto!

1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Guillermo Portillo Merino

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2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
Te hablaré de mi bolso de cuero. Es una prenda importante ya que tiene especial valor sentimental. Las modas pasan rápido, cada vez más, y aunq este "zurrón" sea un clásico ya no suelo ponérmelo mucho. Siempre será el bolso que me trajo de Nepal mi querida y especial amiga Sandra Llusà. 
I'll tell you about my leather bag. It's an important piece for me because it has a special sentimental value. Trends pass by so quickly these days, and although this "zurrón" [leather shepherd's bag] is a classic, I don't tend to wear it much. It will always be the bag that my dear friend Sandra Llusà brought me back from Nepal. 

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3. What influences the way you dress?
No soy un fanático de la moda, me gusta el diseño y la parte estética de la fotografía, así que supongo que esta ecuación me llevó a disparar moda. Si tengo que darte un referente en el mundo de la moda prefiero darte al gran maestro y fotógrafo Irving Penn. 
Though I'm not a big fashion enthusiast, I do like the aesthetic and design part of photography, so I suppose it's that part of the equation that lead me to shoot fashion. If I had to name one style idol in the world I'd have to choose the grand master and photographer, Irving Penn.

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4. Since you've moved over to Ireland from Spain, have you noticed many style differences (or similarities) between here and there?
Aunque toda la moda parte de las mismas grandes marcas y diseñadores, puedo ver diferencias de estilos andando por Dublin, no tanto en la gente moderna, un moderno es un moderno vayas donde vayas (jeje). Creo que lo que más me llamó la atención cuando llegué a Irlanda en este aspecto fueron los maquillajes en las chicas. Es muy exagerado!! 
Even though all of fashion comes from the same brands and designers, I can definitely see style differences when I walk around Dublin. Not so much with trendy people, someone who's trendy is trendy, and they do their own thing (hehe). I think the thing I noticed the most when I got here is the amount of make up women wear. It's a bit excessive!!!

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5. Last question... Do you prefer to take photos in a studio or outside? Why?
Depende de para que, para trabajar en moda prefiero hacerlo en estudio ya que me siento más comodo, en un estudio dificilmente pueden haber contratiempos de última hora siempre que tengas recambios, lo único que necesitas para disparar a parte de un producto es luz... En la calle hay muchos más factores que pueden hacer que las cosas no salgan como las tenías previstas y tener que improvisar cuando estas trabajando con un equipo de unas 5 personas más la tarifa del modelo correspondiente puede llegar a ser algo estresante. 
Disfruto la calle cuando disparo para mi o para algún que otro evento, la luz natural puede brindarte escenarios increibles pero no siempre vas a encontrarlos, siempre hay una parte de factor suerte.

It depends what it's for. When I'm working with fashion I prefer to be based in a studio because I feel more comfortable there. If there are any last-minute setbacks in the studio, you always have back ups. The only thing you need to take photos--apart from the product--is light. On the street there are a lot more factors that could mean things don't come out as planned, and then you have to improvise when you're with a team of five other people, plus with the cost of a model it can all become a bit stressful.
I really enjoy the street when I'm shooting for myself or for an event; natural light can create incredible scenes, though you won't always come across them, the "luck factor" is always involved.