Halina / by Cathy Carey

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1. Name/Age/Occupation: 
Halina McNabb / :) / Account Manager at a tech start-up.

2. Tell me about your outfit. 

  • Coat COS (5 years ago!)
  • Playsuit is Zara, 
  • Striped polo H&M, 
  • Scarf was a gift, Zara 
  • Bag Maria Lamanna : I worked for them briefly (sample)
  • Boots, Buffalo London, 
  • Watch, Cluse (bought in Munich)
  • Bracelet Alex and Ani
  • Earrings COS
  • Necklace COS (you can see a theme here!)
Halina McNabb Full

3. What influences the way you dress?
My mood definitely influences how I dress. Some days that means yoga pants a cashmere jumper, other days I carefully curate and enjoy the process. I am a big believer in the confidence an outfit can bring. At the moment I seem to come back to stripes, reds (red lipstick never fails) and a statement jacket or coat. Coats and jackets are a bit of an addiction for me. I try to buy a new one every winter but still look after and wear the others. Other influences are blogs such as Man Repeller: Leandra is like my spirit animal. Dressing for herself and not having much time for the fluff and judgment found in the fashion world at times. I look at her Instagram almost every day and first got into street style via The Sartorialist,  and then Advanced Style. Last but not least I'm influenced by those around me. I've lived in a few different cities around the world and do notice my style evolve depending on the aesthetic of that city or the neighborhood I choose to live in.


4. As someone with an interest in fashion, how much do you think trends affect how your style evolves? And how do you decide which trends to buy into?
I am not much of a trend person, I am inspired by people around me. People who have a style all of their own or a style which encapsulates their personality. I decide on trends entirely based on what I think suits me and my aesthetic, with more spend on accessories. Also, although not a fan of rules I do think it's tough to buy into a trend when you saw it the first time around when you were 14! 

Halina McNabb Half

5. Last question... over-stuffed wardrobe or organised rail?
I can't say I am one or the other. Some of my fashion friends say that I manage to have a relatively small wardrobe but know what suits me. I am not sure I would call it organised though! I recently watched The Minimalist and the simplicity of enjoying a small number of beautiful things resonated with me. That would be my preference. Really enjoying quality items rather than amassing a lot of belongings.

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