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1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Jan Brierton. Age: 40. Occupation: Fashion stylist.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing. 
One of my favourites, a Joanne Hynes neoprene dress from her S/S 14 collection. I saw it in a lookbook and it was just one of those dresses that I fell in love with straight away, the fabric, the shape, the colour... 
At the time I got it to wear for my birthday/Christmas/family celebrations. But now I wear it regularly with my comfy trainers. I've learnt never to "keep things for good wear", it's so much more rewarding to wear even special things whenever.

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3. What influences the way you dress?
My imagination and my emotions influence the way I dress. I hope that doesn't sound too contrived! But seriously, if I want to feel happy it's colour I'll go for. If I want to feel comfortable, soft fabrics and loose silhouettes. I genuinely use my clothes as a shield sometimes. If I've a big deadline or an important meeting I'll dress to help build my confidence.

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4. As a stylist, is it ever a challenge creating looks that are dissimilar to your own? 
I think a good stylist should be able to create looks that don't only reflect their own  aesthetic. Yes it's great to have your own specific signature style. But certainly in commercial styling you need to be able to work across all types of silhouettes, fabrics, shapes and demographics. 

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5. Last question... Home-grown or international? 
I simply adore home grown talent. We've produced some wonderful fashion talent here in Ireland, and I've been incredibly lucky to work with some amazing Irish designers throughout my career. Helen Steele, Joanne Hynes, Electronic Sheep, Carolyn Donnelly and Mairead Whisker are some of my favourite home grown talent. 

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Photos by Gavin Hartigan