Laura / by Cathy Carey


1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Laura / 34 (agh!!!) / Doctor

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
My trusty oversized denim jacket is a vintage find from when I lived in London. I used to love shopping on Portobello Road and picked up quite a few great treasures there over the years. Since its oversized it's perfect now for pregnancy as well, goes over everything and just funks an outfit up. 

Laura half

3. What influences the way you dress?
I like to think anything can influence me, from a movie I watch to the different places I have travelled. I tend to watch what fashion editors are wearing quite a lot, and love looking at street style during fashion week. Celebrities as well give me great inspiration - especially their casual looks. Anyone from Brigitte Bardot to Edie Sedgwick or Olivia Palermo might influence me one week and then it might be someone like Kendall Jenner the next. Herself and Gigi Hadid are wearing some fantastic outfits these days and a lot of them are really accessible and wearable. Online blogs like WhoWhatWear and The Coveteur also are stocked full of good looks to try every day. My Facebook feed is literally one fashion story after the next. 

Since I have gotten pregnant though I think the way I dress has changed - I guess it has to have since none of my clothes fit me anymore! I wouldn’t normally be a huge fan of Kim Kardashian but I think she has nailed maternity fashion. Gone are the days of wearing smocks that swamp you, its all about tight - accentuate that bump. Between herself and Chrissy Teigen I just can’t keep up. Pre-pregnancy I wouldn’t really have worn any tight fitting clothes, especially tops but now that my bump is progressing I think I look best in tight outfits! 

No matter what fashion trend or style I see, I always try to make it my own and really own it. I'm all about comfort as well and I love nothing better than throwing on a pair of Nike Air Max with an outfit to mix it up. 

Laura detail shoes combined

4. Tell me about the most complimented item of clothing you own.
A gorgeous gap coat that I got a couple of years ago in London again. It's navy with a bright pink stripe and camel sleeves - every time I wear it someone compliments me on it. Plus the flash of pink always puts a smile on my face. 

Laura and ross

Last question... timeless or on-trend?
Timeless. Everytime. While I love to work particular trends from time to time, I would mainly use one piece and mix it up with some staples or classic pieces from my wardrobe. 

Many thanks to Laura for this week's interview, it was a pleasure having tea in her lovely home with her and fiancé Ross (who will be appearing on the blog soon too - stay tuned)! Are there any celebrities or blogs that influence your style? Why not leave a comment below and let us know! Also, thanks to Gavin Hartigan for this week's lovely (as always) photographs. 

Until next week!