Laura O'K / by Cathy Carey

Laura Handbag Detail

1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Laura, 30, Advertising Account Manager.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
My red felt jacket is one of my most treasured vintage finds - so unique looking in its shape and I love the turquoise stitching around the edges, I don't think i have ever seen anything like it before (or since).  My sister lives in East London and I would often go over to her and visit new vintages shops that she has come across (in my opinion East London is the Vintage Capital of Europe.) There is a cool Saturday market near her called Broadway Market that we like to go to anytime I am over, either for food or shopping. 
One of the vintage pop-up stores that is only open on a Saturday is in a launderette (The Laundry Room) where this very cool lady has 2 clothes rails that take up the length of the shop, full of vintage pieces she has collected over the week. What I love about this pop-up store is that every week there will be something different, because there are only 2 rails of clothes (and she has such a good eye for wearable pieces) you never leave empty handed. This is where i found my jacket - there was also a matching skirt that I never bought because I couldn't afford both... it's cool to think that someone else out there has the connecting piece to this jacket.

Laura Full

3. What influences the way you dress?
I think my main influence is people watching - sounds creepier than it is - but street style, people I work with, friends/family, social media. I just love looking at how other people dress and thinking about how I can make it work.  I'd often ask people where they have purchased something and then try and get to that shop. I still prefer a brick-and-mortar store to get a feel for the clothes but do spend the majority of my spare time looking online for ideas and trends. Word of mouth and online influencers help me with finding something new and different.

Laura half

4. As someone who buys and sells vintage and second-hand, what do you consider a true find? 
Ahh the art of buying and selling vintage - I'm still trying to master it to be honest.  It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to find those key pieces, throw in a bit of luck and you're almost there.  I'm lucky that I have a lot of family scattered about in different locations - both my sisters are living in London and Glasgow respectively, great cities for vintage shops. I also love to travel so I'm constantly using my weekends away as an excuse to look up and visit vintage shops.  For vintage, I think online is still a market that needs to be cracked - there is a trust issue with what those pieces will look like in real life and so people are still hesitant to purchase without seeing or holding something physically. A true find... well that's in the eye of the beholder and the reason why I love vintage so much; we could both walk into a shop and come out with different pieces that we both believe are true finds. The Louis Vuitton bag that i am wearing today is an example: I got this in a vintage store in Glasgow (Vintage Guru). There were 5 of us visiting my sister over the May bank holiday who are all vintage lovers, I was last into the store and everyone picked up and left down this bag before me. When I walked in and it was there I immediately fell in love... a true find for me!

Details combo

5. Last question... Being adventurous or playing it safe?
Ohh this is a toughy, I would say that i'm somewhere in between. I don't like to go with the norm but "being adventurous" sounds like a style that is a little bit "out there" which isn't me either. I would say that I try and mix vintage and high street as much as possible - like my outfit today was a combination of vintage finds, Topshop (shoes/skirt) H&M (top) and Urban Outfitters jewellery, and that would be a typical outfit for me.  There are definitely some items in my wardrobe that I know my friends would never wear but 99% of it they would, so I guess you can say that I like to be playing it (stylishly) safe ha.

Laura shoes

Thanks so much to Laura for taking time out of her Saturday to meet up with us and take photos down around Barrow Street and Grand Canal Dock. I hope you've enjoyed this week's interview as much as we enjoyed making it! Summer time is making these posts a little less frequent than usual, though it won't be too long until next time, so keep your eyes peeled. 
Cathy x

Photos by Gavin Hartigan