Lauren / by Cathy Carey

Lauren watch close up

My name is Lauren, I am 25 and I'm a travel journalist.

Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
I'm wearing my watch which my parents gave me for my 21st birthday. It's the only thing that I still love as much as the day I got it because it just kind of sums up my whole style. I think it's very classic, slightly oversized, a little bit masculine with a bit of a quirky/weird twist to it. 

Lauren full

What influences the way you dress?
Probably other people more than fashion. I also always know what I really like; I'm not that influenced by trends and that kind of thing. If I see something in a shop that I really like I'll usually just buy it. But I also admire other people's fashion sense, maybe more for bravery than anything else. Because I have two brothers and no sisters I think my brothers also influence my style because they're the only two wardrobes I can steal from! So it's probably a mixture of all of those. 

Lauren neck close

What's the bravest item of clothing you own?
The bravest item of clothing I own is this high neck long-sleeved pink sequinned vintage top that I bought in Public Romance [a vintage shop in Galway] and I've probably only worn it maybe less than three times, but every time I open my wardrobe it shimmies and glistens. And I'm like, if I can buy that, I can wear whatever I want!

Lauren combo

Last question... weekend or weekday?
It's a tough one because I love both, and I love dressing up and dressing down, but it would probably be a weekend because that's most my personality. I can kind of mix and match it whereas weekday I feel a bit more responsibility to look put-together!

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Photos by Gavin Hartigan