Ross / by Cathy Carey

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1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Ross, 28, Software Developer

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
My Barbour jacket. I love what it represents - timeless British fashion and practicality, with quality that will last for years. I bought it in the UK with a vaguely believable story about it being a winter essential I couldn’t live without! I never actually believed it would come in so useful when I found myself moving to Galway to live in the damp, wet and cold :)

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3. What influences the way you dress?
I love all aspects of urban, street, and skater style - you can never go too wrong wearing a pair of Vans for any occasion. I lived in East London for a number of years after finishing college, that really shaped the way I dress. Saying that, I’m not shy to switch it up for an occasion: I’ve been known to rock a clean cut preppy style for various weddings over the years. I always try to draw influence from celebrity and media influences too.

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4. Tell me about the most expensive item of clothing you own.
I’m a sucker for suede shoes, I have owned tens of pairs over the years. So when I came across a pair of blue suede brogues in New York a few years back I just couldn’t say no to them! They only come out for special occasions...

5. Last question... in-store or online?
In-store - every time. I hate trips to the post office to mail clothes back.

Thanks to Ross for his interview this week, fortunately the sun managed to break through while we were shooting and made his garden a great backdrop. You may have noticed I've got a new section up and running on the site, The Word-Robe, check in every so often, I'll be updating it with my style musings from week to week. Until next Monday!

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