Siobhán B / by Cathy Carey

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1. Name/Age/Occupation?
My name is Siobhán Brett, I'm 27, and I'm a journalist.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
This entire outfit is chaos, and symptomatic of what it is to live in a city that vacillates from 30° to 12° for between two and three weeks each year. During the summer, I wear a dress a day, with either sandals or loafers. This is a freeing way to live, one I cannot recommend enough. It suits somebody who likes to leave the house within 20 minutes of getting up, and it doesn't get old unless your pool of appropriate dresses is so small as to be repetitive, or otherwise disappoints.

These...pantaloons...were purchased for the princely sum of $12.00 at Crossroads, a consignment store in Williamsburg, near where I live. They're from J. Crew. When I lived in Dublin, I used to spend significantly more on clothing, priding myself in things I considered "investments". There are so many competing priorities in New York City.

While very clearly NOT an investment, there must have been something about the pattern that I liked. Since, they have become the thing I wear when it is neither warm nor cold, and nothing else is clean. I guess this length would be "capri" – a bad term and a bad look – on a regular leg, but on my leg, being shorter than regular, it kind of skims. I have liked to have my ankles and wrists out for as long as I can remember.

It is difficult for me to recall this now, but I actually wore these pants to a freak interview at a serious, high-profile, long-admired magazine shortly after arriving to New York. I wore them with a pair of red suede Calvin Klein shoes with a grey acetate block heel. I did not get the job.

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3. What influences the way you dress?
I have an inconveniently stylish mother. I'm pretty sure she would never wear the J. Crew polka dots. While I don't at all dress like my mom, I have for years subscribed very closely to some of her tendencies. I like a white shirt, I like wearing collars and cuffs, I like good quality knits, leathers, old garments, neck scarves, and incline towards a palette that involves blue, black, grey, and white, almost exclusively. My closet is very much redeemed by a lot of her hand-me-downs (some of these items not exactly "handed" to me..). Hi mom!

I am glad to have her, even subliminally, as a sartorial north star, but we part ways quite abruptly on accessorizing (I don't, or not really), embellishment (I will never, for example, sport a sequin, bead, or similar), lipstick (although I notice myself coming around), and precious metal (gold 4eva, vs. silver). Further, I refuse to use an iron.

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4. New York style is known for being eclectic, glamorous and a little bit edgy. Is this true in your experience? And where do you fit in?
The city is all of those things, in style terms, and more. It can be mega elegant, it can be sloppy...imaginative at best, carbon-copy clothing on loop at worst. My sister, a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, came to visit last year. "Everybody here is SO DRESSED UP," was an early, surprised assessment.

I like living in a place where you can get away with wearing everything you like and nothing at all. I am neither edgy nor glamorous, and I suspect my most eclectic days are gone. But I get a sick kick from being able to attend the store beside my apartment clad in an XXXL, ink-stained cardigan, a pair of cycling shorts, studded maroon brogues, all presided over by a topknot, and have even one credulous Brooklyn hipster think of it as "a look".

It's more rare for me, but no less great, to deliberately put together something smart, bright, or bold, or formal, and make the same journeys I often make in leggings.

If I'm not wearing a flamboyant jacket, large earrings, eyeliner, or a hat, I still drink that in on the subway and on the streets. I would hate to live in a place where everybody wore technical fleeces and denim.

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5. Last question... Manhattan or Brooklyn?
One bicycle wheel, or two?

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Thanks so much to Siobhán for taking time out to meet us in NYC! We hope you've enjoyed this week's interview, it was the first shoot we did on our American road trip - we have a couple more to come soon. In the meantime we'll be updating our Instagram so pop over there for updates! Until next time.