Sorcha / by Cathy Carey

1. Name/Age/Occupation?
Sorcha Barry, 26 years old, piano and ballet teacher.

2. Tell me about one thing you're wearing.
My gloves were a birthday gift from my Mom's friend. They're my one pair of fancy gloves and I love that they're a different colour to what I usually go for!

3. What influences the way you dress?
I think I dress to go with how I'm feeling on a specific day. I don't spend a lot on clothes but I love picking up lots of inexpensive items. I'll get wear out of something and then move it along.

4. Tell me about the most expensive item of clothing you've ever bought.
I usually buy in Penneys or the regular high street shops. I remember buying a very dressy, gorgeous white dress in Coast when I was in college. It was more than I ever spent on a dress but I LOVED it. I think I've worn it three times ever but I still love looking at it in my wardrobe. I hope I get an opportunity to wear it again some day soon! I don't think I'd spend that much on something I'd get so little use out of again though.

5. Last question... Comfort or glamour?
Glamour. It makes me feel better when I'm dressed well. However, I would never wear an uncomfortable pair of jeans or skirt for the day - not worth it!

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