5 Ways To Look Like A Delicious Candy This Easter / by Cathy Carey

In honour of our pastel-painted, chocolate-fuelled holiday, I'm counting five ways to make yourself look like a beautiful, brightly-coloured sweet shop. Even those who don't want to stuff themselves to the eyeballs with toothache-inducing sweets should at least make the effort to LOOK like huge multi-coloured ball of sugar. Because the clocks go forward on Easter Sunday (yay!) and, let's face it, every black and grey wardrobe needs to be made happy again. Let's do this!

The Cotton Candy Fudge Dress
Make yourself look like a giant, gorgeous slab of cotton candy fudge in this dress by The White Pepper. Delicious.

The Mentos Earrings
Ok, so you're a demure lady when it comes to the candy. You've never had much of a sweet tooth. Freshen up your ears with these Mentos Earrings from Suzywan DELUXE at ASOS!

Skittles Nails
They won't taste great but they'll make your egg more appetising (and photogenic) in the seconds before you devour it. Grab random nail colours from around the house and splash 'em on!

Refreshers Shoes
If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some funky shoes, this style from ASOS is ready to lemon-aid you (geddit?)! So (re)fresh(er).

The Golden Egg Skirt
They've unwrapped the secret to Easter-themed dressing and they're selling it in Zara. This gold foil skirt ensures you'll look exactly like an untouched chocolate egg. Team it with a multi-coloured jumper to evoke the full Sunday range of colourful treats.


Words by Cathy Carey