9 Vintage Finds Your Granny Won't Also Be Wearing / by Cathy Carey

Vintage shopping shouldn't evoke mental images of musty rails and oversized jumpers you'd be most likely to find hanging in Father Ted's wardrobe. Glamorous, enduring, and most importantly ecologically friendly, I try to consider vintage a way of finding unique items that can last for years if you choose them well (it's managed to stay relevant this long, right?).

One side-bonus is that pre-loved items can work out cheaper, but try not to let price guide your choices too much. Instead, focus on quality, versatility and fabric where possible, that's where you'll get value in the end. Now that vintage shopping is online and easier than ever, it doesn't matter if you're living in the wilds of Connemara or the Wicklow Mountains, the postman will deliver your purchases dutifully to your door (I'll include shipping prices at the bottom, in case you were wondering about those).

That in mind, below is my pick of 9 pieces that won't steer you wrong, click on each image to link to the site! And sure while you're here why not watch my interview with consignment store supporter Seana from SiopaellaI promise you'll love it.

Orange wool and elastane top, ASOS Marketplace - 26 euro


Woven flats, UK 6. Beyond Retro - £24


Suede bomber jacket, ASOS Marketplace - 43 euro


Leather Chloé wallet, Siopaella - 149 euro


Pink cashmere jumper, Beyond Retro - £32


Suede shirt, ASOS Marketplace - 17 euro


Levi 501s, ASOS Marketplace - 39 euro


Embroidered dress, Adored Vintage - $168


Brown brogues, UK 5. Beyond Retro - £24


Shipping from UK-based Beyond Retro: about £11
Shipping from US-based Adored Vintage: about $11 (depends on weight)
Shipping from ASOS: price list on each item (depends on weight)
Shipping from Siopaella - 6.99 euro to Ireland (or free! depending on price)

Words by Cathy Carey