NEED SUPPLY: 10 Unique, Wearable and Affordable Pieces / by Cathy Carey

Jumpsuit: 77.23e

If the sun has shone any knowledge upon us in the past week, it's that we may actually have to break out the summer clothes soon. One store that's great for long-lasting pieces if you are "Scandily-inclined" (I may or may not have made that word up) is Need Supply Co. Carrying a range of different designers with a simple aesthetic that could work for the office or the weekend, they are a lesser-known alternative this side of the pond, making them perfect for those who are looking to make a unique statement. 

Need Supply Co. ship from Richmond, Virginia to Ireland for a $15 fee and though prices range from 10 to 500 dollars (or more), all the items in this list are under 100 euro; in short, easy on the eye and the wallet. Click the pictures to browse each item on the site. Enjoy!

Wrap shirt: 79.86e

Converse: 46.50e

Wrap skirt: 86e

Wide leg pants: 68.45e

Kimono: 95.65e

Slip-ons: 85.99e

Blouse: 72.83e

Watch: 82.48e

Top: 59.68e

Words by Cathy Carey