New Year, New View / by Cathy Carey

Walking in Howth, Co. Dublin

Walking in Howth, Co. Dublin

Who actually starts their new year’s resolutions on January 1st? Rhetorical question if you do, I’d rather not know since I tend to ring in a fresh new year with an annual hangover the likes of which will not be repeated until its next anniversary. This January 2nd 2017, after a day in bed recovering from a banging headache and grumbling tummy, I had the reprieve to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Burren in Co. Clare. Then I promptly fell ill for a week.

So “January” in the truest sense of the word – well-intentioned, frugal, resolution-charged, ‘dry’ January – actually started about halfway through the month. That’s when I made a list of goals for 2017, and chastised myself for getting lazy with The Well-Loved Wardrobe in the past few months. Yes, I started a new job at the close of 2016, and okay, it’s harder to do interviews when the sun sets at 4.30pm but I still think about working on and updating it almost daily, so I’ve promised myself that work and excuses won’t get in the way anymore.

So here goes. I've started planning, and I hope to be back with a bang soon. Beginning with next week, when we'll have a new interview up – stay tuned!