So, You Like Style Interviews? / by Cathy Carey

You've probably noticed by now that we love making style interviews on The Well-Loved Wardrobe, but did you know we love reading them too? Below is a list I've created to share a few that I've particularly enjoyed.

afterDRK Style Talks

afterDRK’s interviews take a peek into the label-jammed wardrobes of fashionistas, and explore what makes them tick style-wise. Lovely clean shots of the subjects and their homes punctuate each list of thoughtful questions. There hasn’t been much posted since the end of last year unfortunately, as creator of afterDRK has decided to call it quits, but the archives are sure to keep you reading for a while.

“Making it” i-D and Asos

Asos has been pushing the boundaries with their up-and-coming labels recently, and i-D has long been making videos about the world of design, so their partnership for the new “Making it” series just works
Split into short segments, these interviews have a dreamy, film-like quality, and give an insight into the person behind the designs sold on the site. Entertaining not only for those interested in the fashion industry, they have a very authentic, personal appeal.

“You must in life know who you are, and then you'll be happy. It's a little work, or I should say a lot of work, but it really really pays off."

Life According To... Iris Apfel

Listen to self-proclaimed "geriatric starlet" Iris Apfel dole out nuggets of advice on life and style in this interview. Straight-talking, wise and always fun, Iris' interview is accompanied by a little 10 lesson article, click the link to read it in full.

11 Women and an Illustrator on Personal Style

A community that celebrates the “sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex”, any interviews these women find interesting enough to make are bound to be cool. What’s unique about these is that you get the subject’s approach to style and an artist’s perspective on how this translates to the world. Illustrator Izak Zenou accompanies each shoot with a sketch and a little paragraph. Read it full on the link below.

I hope you've found something on the list for you - leave a comment below if you have any suggestions we need to watch/read! 


Words by Cathy Carey